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In my Home
2005, 11:30 min, color, sound
The video/film 'In my Home' brings the autobiographical voice of the narrator from a home which is a metaphor for both a spiritual condition and the political one. The location within the margins of the city changes between a traumatic landscape and a local catharsis.

Selected screenings:
Why Don't You Say It?, Herzlia Museum, 2005

Written directed and edited by Elyasaf Kowner
Photography by Elyasaf Kowner, Michal Ben Tovim

Eric Satie - Trois Gnossiennes

Ilabi - Ilabi by Arie Shapira
Performed by Narda Moria and Ron Porat
Shaul Tschernichovsky's poem 'Sachki-Sachki'
Translated into Arabic by Ranem Massarwa

My Favorite In-Between
Written and performed by David Shalit

Online editing: Kowner.com/studio

Thank You
Eyal Eithcowich Michal Ben Tovim
Boaz Arad Michal Heiman

Produced with the support of
The New Israeli Foundation
for Cinema and Television
The Ministry of Education Culture & sport
The Israeli Film Council

David Fisher Chava Schein
Riky Zaks Noit Geva

Thanks to the Israeli Centre for Digital Art, Holon

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