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Perfect Form

Video, 1:00 min, color, sound, 2002

An encounter with a passerby who conveys his feelings towards his own Star of David tattoo.
Shot and edited by Elyasaf Kowner.


Selected Screenings
Art of the land Festival, 2002
Thailand New Media Art Festival, Bangkok, 2003


The truth is that it’s simply a perfect form that expresses strength, patriotism and depth beyond the pretty form of the tattoo itself.
But before you think of that,
you must understand that the Star of David is a shape of a star - symmetrical.
The beauty of the shape is something
that is rare to find in other graphic forms, Especially as it is known as the symbol of the Jewish people,
and beyond all that, it is simply
lets say, in one small thing,both as visually and inner-forcefulness,
you achieve all the depth in the world
in one small picture.
and that’s the story behind the Star of David that’s on my arm -
patriotism and visual completeness
and of course the forcefulness
that accompanies it as the symbol
of the Jewish people.
That’s it.Did you shoot that?



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