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Szepsel Kowner
(a.k.a Szabsel, Shabtai)
7.1.1869 (Vilna) - 3.7.1936 (Lodz)

Prof. Szabsel Kowner with his youngest son Lasarczyk. C. 1935

A college teacher who taught Latin and Mathematics.
Moved from Vilna to Lodz and in between lived in Odessa and Kiev where he got married and became a teacher.
Reached Lodz in the early 1890's where he met his wife Zlata Shevelev who was born in Ukraine.
Before the 1st world war he had written several books in Mathematics and Latin especially in Russian and was there for awarded medals by the Russian Czar Nikolai the second.
He was a school master and owner of Kowner's Progymnasium during the Russian regime. After WW1 and Polish independence he acted mainly as Latin teacher and also mathematics in several girls colleges in Lodz.

Tanja, Mary, Josef, Ilia, Zina, Aniuta, Lazar

Information given by his grandson, Leon Kowner

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